Welcome to Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende, the Conservative Minyan Group which meets at the JC3 under the umbrella of CHESMA, AC. KSSMA is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and follows an egalitarian/traditional minhag. As members of the USCJ, we follow the guidelines of mainstream Conservative Judaism and strive to conform to the accepted spectrum of Conservative Jewish practice, such as:

  • observance of Shabbat and holidays;
  • kashrut;
  • celebrations of rites of passage with the appropriate dignity and respect due life's sacred moments;
  • raising of funds with appropriate dignity and respect;
  • business dealings with members, staff and suppliers based upon Jewish values;
  • keruv (sincere outreach), welcoming and encouraging all members of a household to join in kehilla activities, while respecting the requirement that formal membership in a kehilla is reserved by Jews, by birth or choice;
  • endeavor to engage klei kodesh (professional leaders) from among members of the professional organizations of Conservative Judaism;
  • treating each other and other kehillot with appropriate derekh eretz (mutual respect) in all dealings;
  • explicit endorsement  of the vision of Judaism articulated in the USCJ's Vision and Mission Statement:www.uscj.org/Aboutus/OurStructure/MissionStatement.aspx


We are proud to offer weekly Shabbat morning and Holy Day services, with Hebrew as the predominant language of worship. Oursiddurim and machzorim are completely translated and transliterated into both English and Spanish to help facilitate full participation as well as comprehension of the traditional prayer service. Services are lay-led, and although mainly Ashkenazic, feature elements of Sephardic and Ladino nusach. Unlike almost all the synagogues in Mexico, we invite everyone interested in Judaism to attend our services.


KSSMA is also proud to announce that Rabbi Juan Pablo Mejía Restrepo of Oklahoma City, OK has agreed to be our Honorary Rabbi on a 'pro bono' basis. Rav Juan has been coming down to SMA to help form a Bet Din for the formal conversion of many of our Mexican members, and has guided us in halachic matters whenever called upon. He has been instrumental in preparing candidates for conversion in SMA for the past 5-6 years, and has been a true friend to our community. We are extremely fortunate that he has offered to become our mara d'atra/Honorary Rabbi, and are eternally grateful to him!